Plumbing Phase

We Know how to do the data plumbing to provide a better solution for you, your team and your clients.

Where are you in your IoT efforts?

The right tool for the right job is just the beginning.
We offer all the service, expertise and knowledge you need to get our IIoT platform up and running, and well supported throughout its lifetime. We have invested heavily in perfecting the product, methodology, processes and people behind it.

We offer a full-stack IIoT platform that caters to the needs of the dynamic machine construction industry. Whether it is connecting your team members from different offices or from around the world, monitoring sensors via IoT, or for each party involved in the project to have an overview on a dashboard or tailored apps.

You need to:

  • Get ready for AI
  • Monitor Alarms
  • Provide proactive service
  • Move towards predictive maintenance
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase OEE
  • Provide customer service platform
  • Make data based decisions

If technology is not your core competency, don't take the risk of building your platform yourself.

This IIot Platform is for those who want to fuel their business with actionable insights and do drive efficiencies. With the perfect platform, we provide you with the freedom to experiment and excavate your unique value proposition from your data.

And the peace of mind that everything will scale up easily in the end.

Your data plumbing is a prerequisite to creating value. Like a production hall it sets the stage for more value down the road. We are specialized in providing your with state-of-the art technology in record time, so you can be laser-focused on creating value in your core competency.

What if you’re a software developer who wants to build an industrial IoT solution yourself?

Well, you don’t have to start from ground zero. You’ll be able to use our industrial IoT specific API to find everything you need. You can start immediately at the fun part of programming the application layer. You can take what is useful to propel your project forward and then build your own awesome solution on top.

2 WEEK plumbing sprint

We’ll start by connecting the machines and setting up
the platform so you can begin building and
implementing use cases.

if you’re ready to propel your business forward with a platform specifically designed for the machine construction industry, get in toch about our 2-week plumbing sprint so you can get, and stay, ahead of the future.

and we’ll contact you shortly

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