Value Creation

This is the phase of your project where you’re going to need to lean on your human capital.

Where are you in your IoT efforts?

Engineers and service people built your machine, and they’re the people who know it best.

SF-366 contains all the tools needed for you to empower your team so they can meet the demands of information management and provide you with data-driven decision making.

You can bring together new sets of data and create applications and dashboards to display the info your business needs in a rapid, cost-effective and flexible way – without involving third parties.

We know manufacturers want to focus on their core competencies – thats why we fully manage (and further develop) the IIoT solution for you.

No one can extract value from your data as well as the engineers and service people who have build and worked with your machines for years.

That’s why SF-366 makes it possible for your team to create new applications and dashboard quickly, without having to work with other parties.

Want extremely customised Software?

SF-366 also offers R and Python integration for data scientists interested in digging into the depths of your data.

You also get access to the white-labelling feature with detailed user group management. So, you can offer a service platform to your clients too.

Want extremely customised software? Your developers have access to industrial iot specific APIs to make your project both smart and unique. More features, more creative options, and more value for your money. With our custom software, you can focus on what matters most to you. This opens up the possibility of creating personally tailored online experiences that exceed customer expectations.

The SF 366 + API is flexible enough to account for the different levels of data maturity in your organization and accommodates your growth as a company.

Here's what you get:

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