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Optimize Production Processes Produktionsprozesse

Connectors, cable assemblies, sensors, and application specific connectivity solutions

Digital service platform and predictive maintenance Predictive Maintenance

lathes and milling machines

Offer value-added services for customers in the worldwide machine park

Container cranes, special cranes & harbor cranes

Where Industry 4.0 projects lead to sensational added value

For sustainable success, you need a scalable and flexible technology – suitable for your existing resources and skills and with secured data quality.
For Who




The Asset OS

Production and
service teams
Remote Control
+ Edge Software
+ Condition Monitoring
Stress-free, secure connection with machine overview and remote maintenance access


The Process OS

Non-coding teams in production, service, sales, development, management
Ready-to-use apps
+ low-code tools
Immediate added value
P&L relevant

Euro 799 per app per month

The Enterprise OS

Digitization officers with
individual project
Sustainable implementation of the digital strategy – cost-efficient and elegant Individual offer
3rd Party Plug-Ins
+ Modular Software Components
+ Rest API
Individual offer

This is what our customers say

Sebastian Schuler
Global Head of Digitalization
Are our production processes stable? How well did we achieve our daily targets? These are all questions that Paze answers for us today.
David Moosbrugger
General Manager/ CTO
We know exactly what our machines do for the customer. This is a win-win situation, because we optimize not only our service but also the product.
Gunter Pumberger
Product Manager Digitalisation
The key to better customer service today is the data that our machines provide us with Paze.
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Asset OS

The next generation of remote access for the industry

Central overview of the global machine park and direct access with remote access.
Single sign on via secure TLS tunnel, no time-consuming VPN connections.
No costs, simply download and start immediately with minimal preparation time
Simple, uncomplicated, resource-saving software, no integration into the OS. Installation without admin rights.

Process OS

with ready-to-use IIoT apps

No programming team? No time? No problem! With our ready-to-use apps you start with immediate added value. Your domain experts can even make adjustments without relying on IT.

Enterprise OS

Fully Managed Industrial Operating System

Do you or your IT partner want to build your IIoT solution yourself and still make quick progress? We have everything you need for the successful implementation of company-specific solutions – for large and small IT teams.

All software components and services between edge and app, also available as ‘fully managed’
We use open interfaces, standard protocols and the highest security standards.
Data analysis, visualization and automation functions accessible via REST API.
Technical support with industry-specific know-how can also be booked as a service.

WHY paze industries


We spent a lot of time developing the perfect IIoT platform so you don’t have to. Instead, focus on the important things, such as the fast and agile implementation of use cases.


Paze software allows data to be collected, normalized, retrieved, joined and shared. A full spectrum of data analysis, visualization and automation capabilities are accessible through our REST API. Our full stack IIoT platform runs equally well in the cloud or on the in-house server.


Planning your use cases & roadmap

Our rapid prototyping capability allows you to import historical or simulated data and get a concrete idea of ​​how your machine data can help you optimize processes and performance. In our workshop you will create your first use cases and develop a finished roadmap. No hidden costs and no risk - for an excellent start to your industrial IoT project.

Set Up Your Infrastructure

Our industrial IoT-specific API is available for your team to start programming on a solid, scalable architecture when needed.

Adding value and implementing your use cases

Nobody can make use of your data like your engineers. They know the machines inside and out.

That's why SF-366 enables your team to create new dashboards and applications quickly and without special programming knowledge. In case you have a strong IT team or partner, SF-366 also offers R and Python integrations for further analysis of your data.

Roll out for your teams, customers and suppliers

Acceptance of a new technology is a key factor in its success. The more your teams and customers use the applications, the more value they can create.

The dynamics of work are changing with our low-code-based tools. The data is easily accessible and gives teams the freedom to create new widgets and dashboards themselves in minutes. Working with data is fun and a powerful engine to drive your success.


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