Increase in value along the
entire value chain

  • Installation
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Alarm Management
  • Component comparison
  • Requirements Insights
  • Alarm Management
  • OEE
  • Benchmaking
  • Live Monitoring
  • Proaktive Instandhaltung
  • Alarm Management
  • Machine as a Service
  • Digital Product
  • Remote Service
Finance & Risk
  • Warranty management
  • Claims and damage management

Economy and Impact

Our customers achieve tangible profits in the shortest possible time.
Increased revenue due to increased service contracts
Increased profits due to higher service performance
Reduction in
service costs
Reduction of warranty and guarantee costs
Increased product engineering with each product development generation

Why ready-to-use data applications?

Optimizing processes in all departments

Industry approved

Service Department
Reduce service and spare parts costs with condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Increase service performance via a customer platform and remote access.
Ensure quality and increase efficiency with OEE or Track&Trace dashboards. Exceed customer requirements and keep an eye on production across locations.
Build bargaining power with supplier and component comparison dashboards. Easy handling of data, analysis and filter settings enables machine parts or configurations to be tested under real conditions.
Development & Technology
Develop the next generation of machines based on data with component comparisons and error analyses. Avoid oversizing and use digital twins for product optimization and innovation.
Management and Sales

Offer smart products and develop data skills in the company. Collect data and be in the starting blocks for artificial intelligence. Create warranty provisions based on data. Enjoy strategic alignment thanks to data insights.

Condition Monitoring

Monitor machines in real-time, identify potential problems early and reduce downtime. Take the step towards predictive maintenance from historical data obtained through analysis with condition monitoring.
More Benefits
  • Faster troubleshooting through targeted data drill down and pattern recognition
  • Reduction of maintenance costs through fewer breakdowns as well as lower personnel and travel costs.
  • Knowledge transfer across the service team via data applications
  • Overview of global machinery with direct access to analysis tools and remote access.
  • Ready for Predictive Maintenance
Yes, we offer: sample rates in the millisecond range, integration of 1500+ applications, rules-based and automatic evaluation of the real-time stream, and every other feature you have ever heard of.

OEE Monitor

How efficient is your production? With mobile access, you can keep an eye on your machines and production status anytime, anywhere. Your MES is seamlessly integrated into Senseforce and gives your shop floor management a turbocharger.
  • Plant monitor
  • Line monitor
  • Operator and Shift Dashboard
  • Track & Trace
  • Digital Twin
  • Benchmarking
  • …and more

Your Benefits

Identifying the need for optimization

  • Continuous monitoring of machine effectiveness
  • Comparison of shifts and locations
  • Customizable KPIs
  • Various reporting and evaluation functions
  • Filterable by all dimensions

Our industry experts support you

  • Comprehensive standard reporting
  • Simple machine connection
  • Project acceleration through ready-made, configurable content

The default dashboards include the following monitors

  • Plant monitor shows the various lines of the plant and allows access to the line monitor.
  • Line monitor shows the details of each line.
  • Operator Dashboard for data collection from production to perform job operations and for data collection in offline mode during or after a shift
  • Other use cases such as Track&Trace, digital twin, benchmarking, etc., are possible.
Yes, we can map high-speed assembly just as well as injection molding machines. Likewise, integration of existing IT systems such as ticketing, ERP, Hana, and many more to enrich the data and trigger automated functions.

Just start

The automatic mode of operation provides accurate results and requires no additional personnel. After just a few hours of preparation, the result data becomes visible. We will send you a pre-configured Edge software that you can install on your machine.
What operating system do you use for your machines?
We support all common operating systems such as Windows 10, Linux, ARM Linux, etc.
Which interfaces do you use?
Consistent for all common controllers and interfaces: OPC UA, Siemens S7, SINUMERIK 840D sl, Heidenhain TNC 640, FANUC 31i-B.

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